Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Savings Tracker Printable

With  the popularity of my debt payoff coloring pages, I've created this savings tracker printable.

The PDF has 10 total images--each sheet represents $1,000 of savings for a total of $10,000. Each coloring section represents $10.

If you'd like the whole set, click on the pictures above to purchase on Etsy.

If you'd like to try it out, the first page is available for free here: FREE PRINTABLE
(this will take you to one of my shops. Click the download button and then you'll have access to print a copy for your own personal use.) 

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Debt Payoff Coloring Pages - FREE Printable

You and I are a lot a like. How do I know and how are we similar? We may not have the same taste in music or food, wear the same types of clothes, or even live in the same country, but if you clicked to the point of being at this very spot, this very post, then I know you don't like debt. Maybe you're in the dislike category, or maybe even loathe or hate, but both of us can't stand that naughty word. It keeps us up at night, wears on our relationships, and drives our decisions.

Speaking of decisions, I have a gift for you that I know you'll like (it will help with your financial decisions). Since you don't like debt, you'll love this free printable. It will aid you in your money-spending decisions so you can get rid of that nasty, painful debt.

➤➤Here's how it works. A lot of time, our debt is hiding in spreadsheets or papers and it's hard to visualize how looming the problem is. With these coloring pages, you'll be able to heft the weight, touch it, see it in a whole new way. And when you can visualize it and know it, you'll be more motivated to eliminate that debt. Plus, once you start to color some in, you'll want to keep going and that is motivation enough to curb a little spending. Even if you're not able to put any extra on right now, you can track your principle payment progress. Progress feels good. Trust me, I know.

And after you try out my free printable for debts $10,000 and under, I think you'll want to try out my other, larger versions. The first, pictured above is a picture variety, currently at debts under $200,000. The other is below, in simple numbers and is good for debts under $300,000. Both are available for purchase at Etsy or my website. 

Click on the image above to access the free printable. (It will take you to my website, click the download button and you'll then be able to access the pdf)