Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Free Get Organized Worksheet

People who know me say I'm super organized. They're right. And in this free set, I'll give you my tips and printable sheets to help you get more organized too. And what's even more perfect? It's got a holiday worksheet to help you stay in budget and not miss anyone this Christmas season. 


W H A T - Y O U - G E T - 

Digital, printable PDF file. 16 pages. Instead of reading books on organizing, you can read my quick, handy guide. Plus, I've got cute printables you can print again and again to keep you on track. 
These are designed with florals (made by me).

This printable is for personal use only. Please don't copy, sell, or distribute this file.

The download is available on my ghetto, needs a facelift website:

Do you have someone in your family that whines?

Try out this sign:

 Work is required by all. 

 Recreation is earned by working with a positive attitude. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

TWO new Christmas Escape Games

We have two new Christmas escape games. One is harder for adults/teens. The other is designed for families (adults & teens could still play it, especially if escape games are a new thing for you!) 

Click on the pictures to check them out. All of our old games are 60% off right now.

 Ghosts of Christmas Escape Game

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Better Late than Never

This is my life these days: LATE. For appointments, we're late. For fun get-togethers, we're late. And when it comes to posting about a cool product I made, I'm months too late. (And at the end of this post, you can see another product I've added that is almost too late--but not quite!)

So since you have no immediate need for a teacher appreciation gift, here I am. Better late than never. Right? (But check how cool this is that you can give it to grandparents or church teachers or moms on mother's day. Sweet, huh?) Like it? Find it in my shop here:

And here is my hamburger watercolor clip art. Can you imagine how hungry I was while painting this? I almost snarfed down my brush! You can find it here:

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Escape Room Game Giveaway

Enter to win a Date Night Escape Room Game from Prettiful Designs. Our newest game, The Inheritance Race, launches tomorrow (April 10, 2018). It's designed for a couple and comes as a digital game.

Difficulty level is a 5 out of 10. If you're an avid escape room gamer, this might be on the easier side. If you've never played an escape room game, this is the perfect game to start. 

The game is designed for 2 players (for larger groups, you can have other teams playing their own set somewhere nearby--and just one person has to buy. Generous, huh?).

COOL Feature: At the end of the game, you can put a surprise in a box for your date. This is the perfect way to end the game with a treat, or tickets to something, or maybe even a ring! (If you propose this way, I NEED pictures!) :)

This game is a little different from the others. It will need a few objects:
1. A mirror
2. Handcuffs or something to tie up hands with. 
3. Something to access the internet so you can enter your codes and get the clues.
4. A box and prize.
5. An envelope

You're intrigued, aren't you? :)

The game will print on 4 pages. Setup is a breeze and the person putting it together won't know the clues. 

Enter to win one of 3 digital copies with the giveaway to the side:

Friday, January 12, 2018

Escape Room Game - Chinese Calendar

Our newest game, Chinese Calendar, is live. 

This game is much harder than our last ones. It takes about 60 minutes and we've got something super exciting about this one, you get to enter the codes online. 

This game only comes in digital format (you print out about 30 4x6 photos) and takes about 2 minutes to set up. The person setting up gets to play too, they won't know what they're seeing without the clues--which are also online and easy to access from a phone, tablet, or computer.