Friday, May 31, 2013


After 64 days of processing Wells Fargo couldn't close our loan so the house is back on the market. Great deal for someone with a vision....

Closing Day... maybe not

Today is supposed to be our closing day. We started looking for a house 3 years ago when I felt an impression that it was time to move. We found the area we wanted to live and a few months later put our house on the market. It took almost a whole year to sell our house. As soon as we did we put an offer in on a house we had found in June of 2011. As soon as we sold our house we put in an offer on the new one. The bank accepted our offer in Jan or Feb of 2012 but they didn't allow us to move forward until March of 2013.
The only bank we could find to loan on the property has taken like 65 days and has requested 3 extensions. Today is the last extension. We give documents within 30 minutes of being asked and yet they still can't get it done. Yesterday we thought we had everything turned in and ready to go and then this morning they say they won't accept half our documents and our income and they want a million more things. I ran around to get everything and we're turning more stuff in but who knows. How can people sit on documents for 2 months and then at the very last second say they won't work? Do they not look at them at all?
Anyway, we could use thoughts and prayers today. We've been in limbo so many years. It has been pretty difficult--especially with my depression

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Several people have asked me to post lyrics for the song in the last post.
Here they are:

How long is enough?
The wait seems too long.
I can't seem to swim.
I'm sinking too much

Then a hand reaches out and pulls me up
I didn't see before, He was there all along

Looking back
I can't believe
How far I've come.
It's all from Him.

He was always there I had to look up.
He never let me down, He was there all along.

The wait that seemed so long has been swallowed up.
The fire is now put out and now I shine, I shine forth.

The hand that reaches out for me
Is reaching out for you...

Text and lyrics Copyright Dedra Tregaskis 2013.
No reproduction without written consent allowed.

Friday, May 24, 2013

A song, new products and 30% off paper sale!

So, I haven't blogged much lately. I um... am having difficulty with some things but I've been getting back into music lately and the last few weeks I've written 4 songs. I'm sharing the song I wrote & recorded today: 

Music and lyrics Copyright Dedra Tregaskis 2013

New froggy clip art!

 Love, love love hippos:

And because there can never be enough rainbow-esque variations:

And...paper packs are all 30% off now through the 31st of May at

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

500 Items = HUGE 50% Off SALE

The 500th item arrived in my shop today and to celebrate I'm offering a 50% off sale. It is valid with my other offers so this is really the time to stock up.