Wednesday, March 6, 2013


My hubby is a pretty techy guy and we've kind of grown accustomed to doing techy things at night, which leads to us growing pretty lazy. He was talking to someone the other day about their results with P90X over 2 weeks and my  hubby got pretty excited. I got the dvds the next day and we started. I honestly love it. The first 2 days were great. Tonight we skipped some dvds to try something that was targeting muscles that were not already sore and I was laughing hysterically at how we totally couldn't do it. I'm going to be so ridiculously sore tomorrow.

I'm not really looking for results--just getting healthy and active alongside my hubby. So I guess I'm finally working on my January goal of rejuvenating and getting energy. I'm so far behind on my happiness project. I have so much I want to share I'm just having a hard time making time for it. Not that I don't love ya'll. I just love my kiddos more.

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