Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Ultimate How To Clean Up Your Child Who Has Just Vomitted in The Car Post!

My husband was out of town Monday and Tuesday this week (which I don't handle well), my week long cold wasn't slowing, baby wasn't sleeping enough at night and the weight of our financial and housing plight was weighing me down. Wednesday came and my sweet hubby could sense my distress--he piled me and the kids in Steve (only Stargate Atlantis fans might get our car's name) along with premade sandwiches from the freezer and snacks from the picnic box (I"ll post on that later).

We took a drive and let the baby sleep and the big girls eat lunch and watch a movie while I tried to unwind. We drove along the side of a lake and commented on how much the road felt like a roller coaster. Then we heard that sound you dread any time--especially while in the car.

The oldest had eaten a really good lunch but unfortunately got car sick before she could warn us. It was all over her and her booster seat and was leaking onto the floor. LOVELY.

Since we practically live in our car during the summer while we go out on our adventures, I keep it well stocked. We grabbed a garbage sack and some baby wipes and I started scooping it up and piling the dirty rags in the sack. Once we had her cleaned up enough to move, my hubby got her out and we undressed her and put her in a clean outfit (we keep a complete wardrobe change for each kid in a ziploc bag under their seat). We wiped down the seat belt and the booster as best as possible with the wipes. Then we put the clean towel down, put her back in, threw the dirty sacks in the back and were off towards home. My hubby and I gave each other a "dude" for a job well done.
What would we have done if we didn't have wipes or a bag or a change of clothes? That happened once on the side of a busy freeway. Never again!

So if you missed my essential list here it is again:

  • Garbage Sacks (1 for clothes and 1 for wipes)
  • Baby wipes (not just the travel kind that only have 4 or so--that isn't enough)
  • Bottle of water (use this to rinse off or rewet dried wipes)
  • Clean outfit for each person in a ziploc bag
  • Clean towel - this comes in handy in so many instances. I used mine once to dry a puddle on the slide at the park and was an instant hero to all the kids there!
  • Bowl--in case you have a repeat offender
  • Hand sanitizer for your hands after
Once home we threw the dirty clothes in the wash, the garbage in the garbage and then washed the booster cover. EASY PEASY.
Here's hoping you never have to use any of these things but if you ever do, you won't regret being this prepared.


  1. Oh my! You are very well prepared! I wouldn't have known what to do - love the idea of keeping a fresh pair of clothes in the car!

    1. The extra clothes come sooooo in handy. With 3 kids and lots of fun outings, we use something out of our bags almost every week.

  2. Need this info for our first road trip with our toddler. Great info. Thanks!

  3. Oh, gosh...our first is still a toddler and hasn't done this yet (thank heaven!), but I'm totally going to use this information! Thank you!

    1. You're welcome. Hopefully you never have this problem but with kids it seems inevitable.