Wednesday, June 5, 2013

my ongoing personal saga

where to begin? where to end? our story took us near the freeway today in only one town where we could afford a decent home to raise our kids. 1400 sq feet less than we were expecting. the list in my head of all the things i will have to sell/get rid of is making me nauseous--well, I've been nauseous over this all for so long. so many ideas/dreams/plans just keep getting shattered. the idea of being stuck where we didn't want to be forever because I can't go through this again is filling me with some looming thoughts. and to think maybe there are weeks and months ahead to start the loan process all over again. 3 bedrooms and no room to grow doesn't sound enticing to have more kids--i did want more. after all that we've endured there still are no apparent blessings---even though somehow this probably is a blessing. I'm just ready for some not in disguise.

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  1. I'm so sorry to read of your anguish, selling,searching, moving are all so very stressful, and with that worry "are we doing the right thing?" I don't have the answers (have/am going through the same thing) but I do know you sound like a good, kind, loving and caring mother/wife and I bet you will be able to make any house into a home. Best of luck for the future x ps it's amazing how many kids can fit comfortably in a couple of bedrooms;)