Friday, January 25, 2013

Dressing Up

So this may seem like a weird way to feel rejuvenated but just trust me. It helps.

Yesterday I did my hair the way I do for Sundays only--putting in some leave in conditioner, extra mousse, and drying it longer. 

I miraculously got earrings in. I never wear them because I can hardly ever get them in. My husband told me a little while ago to put some Vaseline on the ends and the earrings would go right through (strange coming from him). It works but I always FORGET.

I put on some perfume.

I wore one of my favorite cardigans--the kind I usually only wear when I go out (I LOVE cardigans).

And....I stayed home. There was nothing special about yesterday but I felt special because I was all dolled up. 

I had more energy because I felt great about how I felt.

Try it and you'll like it.


1 comment:

  1. Such a good idea. I had a friend who suffered from several diseases like chronic fatigue. She said when she felt her lowest, she would "reinvent" herself by washing her face and redoing her make-up and hair. It works!