Monday, January 21, 2013


I have to admit that I'm a pretty stubborn person. I've had some pretty serious skin problems on my fingers and they had gotten to the point where I can't do much with my right hand anymore. I couldn't sew or craft and designing on the computer has even started to become difficult. I went to the doctor a few years ago about it and I got a prescription but it didn't help. My hubby finally told me he was going to make me go to the doctor when I remembered I got a new prescription for some other skin stuff and I told him I was going to try that and if that didn't work I would finally go to the doctor. Lucky for me it is working. It is crazy. I didn't really realize how bad it was. My fingers started to really hurt after I started using it because my feeling was finally coming back into the tips.

I don't have a phobia about doctors...I just hate giving them my money when they only seem to be able to diagnose and/or treat my problems 20% of the time. I'd rather not spend my date budget to get told to simply do yoga for my back--which I've done but that was a lot of money to get told that. I'd rather take the kiddos swimming than be told, "hmmm. I really have no idea. Good luck with that. Next." I would also rather spend 2 hours making cookies F.O.R.E.V.E.R!

So now that I've completely turned you off to going to the doctors.....I am now going to convince you to go. ha ha. I do know that doctors can help with a lot of things so if there is something really bothering you that could possibly be fixed, go see a doctor or spend some time finding a natural solution that works for you this month.

I don't know if I technically feel "rejuvenated" by my fingers feeling better but I have more ability to put my energy to better use so for me it has been totally worth spending some time fixing a health concern.

Did any of this make sense today? My dictionary in my head is off more than normal and I'm having a hard time forming complete sentences. :) I hope you all had a great Monday.

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  1. Glad to hear your new prescription is working and you are able to start enjoying the things you love to do day by day!