Thursday, June 28, 2012

Prettiful Design's Happenings

Wow! The last week and a half have been crazy!  We left last Monday for a camping trip and I had 5,000 page views total (for the last 6 months or so).  When we came back early a day later :-(  I had 15,000 views. Today's Thursday a little over a week later and we're at over 168,000 views with 55 new followers!

With that said, I wanted to throw in a plug for my ads! The prices are really cheap still and exposure is really awesome for the price! Check out my advertising/sponsor page here

We've been featured on 5 different sites this week:

Check out this weeks New Products in my shop:
Citrus is a heavy textured set. What do you think of these new textures? Yeah or nay?


Beach Party

Detroit Lions
Have a happy Thursday!
~Dedra (yeah, yeah...making a signature is on my list.... :) )

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  1. Woohoo that's awesome :)Congrats on your increase! Love the Boardwalk prints :)