Sunday, June 24, 2012

EASY Tip to Improve Relationships With Your Kid(s) TODAY!

Don't you wish you had a hug like that right now?
I wish I remembered to do this easy tip every day. Maybe it wouldn't be as special if it were a habit. I'm not sure BUT I do know that this tip in practice has immediate, awesome effects. Are you READY for my super top secret tip???

***Hug your kid(s) as often as possible today.***Grab them when they walk by, stalk them from behind, cuddle up on the couch while you watch his/her favorite show--make it excessive. If you have teenagers excessive may be one side hug with loads of protestations, but chances are they will secretly love your increased attention!

You may want to add a little note every week or so to your calendar to remember to do this on a regular basis. I hope to hear lots of success stories!

Kidless? Use this on your spouse--I dare you!
Look at this sweet Daddy hug.

Now go and get your hug on! :)


  1. It's often the little things that matter! I'll hug my kiddos today extra much! Thanks! : )

  2. I love to give my little one lots of hugs and cuddles. Although now he is becoming a little more independent it takes a bit of wrestling to get a proper non limp arm hug. My fav is when he has fallen asleep in the car or couch and I get to carry him to bed. All the cuddles I want without the protesting.