Thursday, August 9, 2012

I want to introduce one of my favorite products of ALL TIME.  Seriously, this is the coolest thing we have ever bought.  In fact, we bought two because we have two toddlers.  My kids BEG to go on it everyday.  We can now go on long family bike rides together.  My husband and I each take a toddler on our bike and we're off!  At first I was nervous, thinking it would be really easy to fall over.  But the child is right at the center of gravity and it's actually really comfortable.  Way better than having one of those big seats up behind you or lugging a trailer. 


How do you TOTE your TYKE? The Tyke Toter front mount child bike seat is the perfect solution for you and your growing child. Intended for children ages 2-5, it takes over where other front mount child bike seats leave off.  Tyke Toter child bike seat is adjustable higher or lower on your own bike’s seat post to accommodate children as they grow and until they are old enough and big enough to ride along with you on your bike rides. Other child bike seats have low weight limits as well as other size limitations, and while they are great for infants, they are not designed big enough for the toddler and pre-school age child. And who wants to miss out on a fun, interactive bike ride at this magical age? Your child is getting bigger; he can hold on to his own handlebars, balance and wants to ride a big bike like you. Give him the thrill of his life every time he rides along with you on his Tyke Toter! The Tyke Toter child bike seat has a generous suggested weight limit of 45 lbs., and is designed purposely without straps allowing for the feeling of balance and freedom of a more real and intuitive riding experience. This is a child bike seat that gives children their own handlebars and foot rest, nestling them securely between the arms of their parent, and setting them in a central, well-balanced location for the easiest bicycle handling experience for you, and the most interactive bike ride you’ll have with your child! Tyke Toter child bike seat boasts a unique quick-release attachment which allows for a super easy, super fast  install/uninstall in less than a minute and is simple and intuitive even for the novice bike rider- no tools required, no extra hardware on your bike! It fits most standard bike frames whether road bike or mountain bike, women’s or men’s style making it easily interchangeable between more than one bike. Each Tyke Toter is hand-made and assembled in the USA.

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