Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Lack of Motivational Posts

It's been weeks since my last marriage/family/life motivational post. I am truly sorry for that. I have wanted to but I have just been lacking in the motivational department.

We found out a few weeks ago that someone has been deceiving us and lying to us and it was a really low blow. We've just been trying to get our minds past it. I'm really not angry, which is kind of surprising for how much this persons actions have hurt our family. I'm just really disappointed.

The house we're trying to buy has moved forward in the last few weeks and we've been pretty occupied with trying to figure out how to make things work and trying to keep it moving forward.

In all my busy insanity I also decided to start a charity (we've been watching a lot of Secret Millionaire) and it involves collecting food and money through CRAFTS---I bet you're wondering how the heck I'm going to pull that one off. I will post more about it once I get all the logistics worked out.

So, I am sorry you all have been neglected! I just am trying to keep our little family going and it is taking all of my available brain power.

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