Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy Monday--Literally

I went on a 3 hour date with the hubby on Saturday. It was soooo nice. We have never left all 3 kids that long...and maybe not the others that long before either. We actually went to an arcade. It was a blast. (I totally whooped him! hehe). Then we drove by the house we are trying to buy and went out to a restaurant we fell in love with! It was sooo needed.

I am almost finished with "The Happiness Project" book by Gretchen Rubin last. Her project and mine are very different but I feel so motivated, uplifted, and empowered. I am so excited to share the plans for February's goal of "Be Positive." I might have to post early so you can do it with me if you like. :)

The hubby and I also read the Christmas Box last night. We've had several miscarriages and it took several years before we were able to have kids so it was a very tender read.

I read Gretchen's resolution to laugh more last night and I decided to do it! A few minutes later I was put to the test. My husband walked in while I was getting ready for bed and rattled off a bunch of stuff in Chinese. He then asked, "Who do I sound like?" I replied with "A Mandarin speaking Sean Connery." It was pretty funny and I would have decided to just chuckle a little and be done but I decided to enjoy it. I laughed a little harder and told him to do some more. He did and I laughed even more. It was great. Laughing really does help to boost happiness! 

Let yourself laugh a little more today and every day. You have to make a conscious effort but it is so worth it. Here's to more laughter!

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