Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Last night my 3 year old was changing into her pajamas when I noticed her armpit on one arm was brown--really brown (we are super light peachy colored). I was alarmed. Mommy panic button hit and sirens blaring. Are her clothes on too tight--wouldn't that make her skin purple or blue or something? Well, I decided to smell it. It was chocolate. How on earth did she get chocolate in her armpit!?!?!?  I asked her how it got there and she said "I don't know," with that sly little smile of hers. This kid is hilarious. She always does silly stuff.My guess is she stored a chocolate chip in there for later. I wish I could have seen her try and lick it off! I was a mean mommy and made her wash it with a washcloth.

What things have your kids done that have made you wonder--"what on earth!?!?!?"

Happy Wednesday. January is almost gone...



  1. Lately it's what I've heard from my almost 5 year old that has me saying "what on earth!?!" Like the other day I overheard her say to her 2 year old brother, "It will be like a billion years before your mother's a skeleton." No idea where that came from or why she was trying to reassure her brother in her own way. But I love it! :)

    1. Becky,
      That's hilarious! Where do they get these things?

  2. Made me giggle ;) Kids say the funniest things!