Thursday, January 24, 2013

Taking the plunge

So we finally "took the plunge" quite literally yesterday and bought a monthly pass to the local rec center. I figured we can spend time there as a family and the hubby and I can go there for dates. If it improves our happiness than it is a price definitely worth paying.

We took the kids swimming and it was a blast--other than the whole changing out of wet clothes part. We tried the big girls and I getting dressed first and then going back for the baby (who was with Daddy of course) and getting her dressed. However there is nowhere to lay her down except my lap. I realized after she was dressed that my whole lap was drenched. Luckily it was drenched so much that it looked pretty unrealistic that I could have wet myself that much. :) Ha ha. Good times. Good times.

I felt exhilarated from our hour in the pool. I love being in the water. My legs are a little sore from jumping up and down with 2 girls in my arms who were giggling with glee. So worth it!  And best yet, I slept much better!


  1. Aint it grand? Getting out and moving around spells a better nights sleep! I have been exercising and I have noticed my insomnia is far better :-)

  2. Yes Rachel, it is grand. :) I hope you keep up on your exercising and hopefully it helps you to continue to sleep. I hope it keeps working for me too! :)