Thursday, January 17, 2013

Waiting & waiting

Waiting is all I ever do these days it seems. We were supposed to meet with the realtors yesterday but it got rescheduled for Friday--at the house! But, we still haven't had a confirmation or a time so I'm guessing it won't happen again. How can we buy a house we haven't even seen for over a year and a half! Crazy. Each day of waiting seems like an eternity. Our life has been on hold for so long. We need to schedule contractors to go with us to get bids because it is currently deemed "unsafe" and we have to fix it before getting a real loan. Here is hoping it will miraculously happen tomorrow.

I asked my mother in law to come help me with some colors today.  I've been designing in my head for so long. I've got fabrics picked for a master bedroom redesign (see below). I think it will be beautiful--if I ever get to do it. :)  I can't wait to see that house! I didn't even get to see what was behind all the doors in the basement. I'm so curious!

I'm doing better on getting to bed at a decent time--I just can't fall asleep. I can't breath for the life of me and I'm not a mouth breather. Anybody else committed to getting more sleep??? I AM feeling more rejuvenated--even if it takes me forever to fall asleep. I'll share another tip I've been working on tomorrow.


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  1. I am also trying to get more sleep. I'm like you though...I go to bed but just can't fall asleep! So I end up going to bed late anyways. Hoping to get in the groove sooner than later!
    Can't wait to hear your tip!! Maybe that'll help! :)

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