Friday, July 20, 2012

Crazy Easy, Practically Free, & Super Fun Crafts

I've really been slacking on this. Well, I've been spending lots of time doing things that are totally blog worthy and hopefully I'll get a chance to post soon. I've been in a crafting, designing, and creating groove and I don't want to get off kilter because,'s awesome!

So I have been wanting to do some crafts lately but how does one ever make the time to really sit down and do things just for the heck of it? I had an idea to invite over some friends and make some crafts but I wanted to supply all the materials. If you've been following me  you know the mullah is uh....non existent so I had to get creative. I wanted to have several Halloween crafts (I'm super addicted) so I started scouring yard sales for used books and bottles and dug up a bunch of rocks out of the pile in the back (Utah is infested with them) and did some digital designing & printing. 

So here is what I made and some variations because its just too fun:
Painted rocks. I felt like a kid again. I've been picking up paint at Lowe's and the local Habitat for Humanity Restore for $5 a gallon on mistints in hopes we'll someday move and have something to paint. For now I waste it on rocks. :) Here are some variations I've done since:
I found this color and it made me happy. I think it is perfect for summer.
I left the "love" rocks on my neighbors porch. She actually challenged me to prank her every time she doesn't go to church. Uh. hello! I love pranking AND challenges--and her! I've tried to make my pranks super sweet and focused on how much we love her and her family. One week I spray painted hearts in her grass. Another week I wrote all over her car windows about how much we love them etc. 
Can't wait to use these at Christmas.

Spell books. Check out my inspiration here from Piccolina Designs.

Potion bottles. I think I came up with this on my own? Who knows. Does my brain really even know? Did a little designing. Not my best work but I was super pressed for time. I may revamp and add more and throw em up in the store one of these days. They say "ogre snot" and "dragons blood" I also had "deadly night shade" but didn't get to it yet. 

These awesome bottles are compliments of my sister in law. I can't wait to slap some labels on these bad boys.

A banner of course. I'm addicted to these lately too. I've designed a ton lately but haven't "packaged" any yet. That honestly takes the longest. I love designing. Dread packaging. 

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  1. Thank you so much for linking up to my Spell Books. Looks like you had a lot of fun creating some great Halloween decor.