Sunday, July 15, 2012

Some Verbal Lovin for your Spouse

So for those of you who have been doing my 7 Ways in 7 Days to knock the socks off your spouse, how is it going?

I noticed my husband reacting differently after I started giving him more love and attention. For days I kept seeing him checking the garbage can and I finally asked him what on earth he was doing. He responded he wanted to help me out and every time he had checked the garbage I had already emptied it. He was excited one day to finally find it more than half full and he emptied it promptly.

Now that was just ONE of the amazing benefits we've experienced since following my own advice from this blog post. There have been MANY other benefits and I feel we have been drawing much closer!

Today, I have another idea about a super important aspect of marriage--communication.

If you're reading this you probably don't have a problem telling your spouse I love you. Today we're going to talk more about the ways and reasons why you love them and how you can more effectively tell them.

Below are 7 ideas on how to use your verbal language to help your spouse feel more loved.

Fill in the blank this week with some of these quotes to help your spouse feel more loved by you!

1."I love your _____! It is one of your best physical features." Tell your spouse one of the things you love about his/her physical body
I think my most favorite part of my husband's body is his wrinkles right next to his eyes when he smiles. They are so hot! He is one of those guys who is going to look hotter with age! :) Just telling him/her "you look nice," is well....nice. Being specific takes your compliment to a whole new level.
2. "I love how you are so _____. It is one of your best qualities." Tell your spouse one of the character traits you love about him/her.
3. "I love it when you do _____ to serve me. It makes me feel so loved." Tell your spouse how much you love one of the ways he/she serves you.
My hubby watches the kids a lot and yes he does it because he loves them but he also does it because he loves me.
4. "I love (doing, going, watching, playing, etc.) _____ with you."
Tell your spouse an activity you love doing with him/her.
 I love racing my husband to the car when we are out on dates. He always wins but I love the wind in my face with him at my side.
5. "I love _____ about your quirky side." Tell your spouse one of his/her quirks that you love.
I wrote this in my thankful journal the other night: "Richard always makes up songs. Some of them are sweet....they are all funny...and some are just plain queer! But I love them anyway! His songs always put a smile on my face." I read him my entry that night and I think he felt honored to be my reason to be thankful that night.
6. "I love to look at you best when ____." Tell your spouse when you like to gaze at him/her without him/her knowing. It is ok to stalk your spouse because it is not stalking but rather showering him/her with attention. If you don't do this yet--start!
7. "I love to cuddle with you most like this___." Tell your spouse how you love to cuddle with him/her and then show him/her!

Each week look for new things to fill in these blanks and keep your spouse feeling like he/she is on top of your world! Easy huh?!

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