Sunday, July 22, 2012

Love 'em as if you're going to loose 'em

Today we're going to do some pretending.

First off though a little back story so you understand where I'm coming from.

I was looking at some stuff today on the Make a Wish Foundation. To me their mission is pretty awesome--allowing kids with life threatening illnesses and their families a super happy and fun experience to remember for always.

Their website and the stories on it got me thinking about life and death and I started to think how I would treat my husband if I knew he was dying. I try and treat him really well as it is but I imagined how much sweeter I would talk to him, how many more massages I'd give him, how I would dote on him and probably never leave his side. 

Life is life though. I may have him the next 50-60 years or he might go tomorrow--or me for that matter. Why not treat him now like I would if I thought I'd loose him. Why not kiss him more passionately, hug him more, sit in his lap when we talk, stroke his hair? Why not tell him how much I appreciate him and his hard work, his attitude, and his love for me. 

Why not? 

Why wait? 

So think about how much you'd miss 'em and then show 'em! Show your spouse this week how you would treat him/her if he/she was dying. Dote on him/her. Treasure him/her. Treat him/her like a king/queen. None of us know how long we have. Why not make more moments count. More moments that bring smiles to the lips and tears of joy for living a good life and less regrets. Go NOW! Give him/her a kiss that tells him/her how much you really love him/her and would miss him/her. Seriously. GO NOW! Don't wait. Don't wait for more time. It ain't comin! Don't wait for better health. It ain't comin either. What is more important than the relationships you have with the people you love most?


  1. I have several chick flicks about losing a spouse that I make myself watch every few months and I always bawl but it helps me remember that...thanks for the reminder!

  2. such a great post! this is a reminder that we all (myself especially) need.

  3. It's lose not loose. :)