Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Free Gift Codes for your Feedback

So, if you haven't been following me long I'm a Wife/Mommy, promoter of Marriage/Family relations, AND a graphic designer. I've sold on etsy for over a year now. My awesome hubby built me a website to alleviate some of the stress from the etsy shop. We get a decent amount of traffic on the site but not many sales. I would love for some feedback as to what you think my store needs. If you're interested comment below. The first 5 will get $10 gift codes to my store. Once you leave your comment, please email me at prettifuldesigns at gmail dot com and I'll get you a code. :)
Here's the store:


  1. I love your website! I've bought stuff and had no problems at all with the website. my guess would be maybe offering a simple freebie so people can download and feel more comfortable with the process before they spend money? Or maybe have some screen shots of what it looks like to buy/download a product.

  2. As a photographer, scrapper and currently going to school for graphic design here is my two cents. The site looks really good, considering what some of your competition is working with, you have quite a bit of products for sale. The only downfall I see is that most of your stuff is whimsical almost in the way of using it for childrens things. If that was your goal its great but if your trying to increase your clientale you need to have a variety that is more crisp that could be used as backgrounds in cards for photography, more templates for other things than a scrapbooking page etc. I decided to become a graphic designer because I could not find anything that was too my liking for my part time photography business. Also I like what Ashely wrote about a monthly freebie, it will get you some traffic if you can spread the word. Good luck in the future!

  3. People automatically go to etsy since there are so many different stores in one place. I personally would prefer to shop on a site because they have instant downloads. So, I always look to find their website before purchasing on etsy. I own a business and have listed new items on my website only. I post the link on fb and tell my customers these items are only available trough my site. So, they are forced to shop on my site instead of etsy. Maybe everytime you list a new item, you could list it on your site for a week at a discounted price. Then, after a week
    it goes to full price and then you add it to your etsy
    store. If you offer cheaper prices and coupon codes thru
    your site, you'll get your regular customers and new
    ones Headin to your site more often. I've found that a
    blog isn't the best place to post information since most
    people forget to read it. Fb is the way to go! Hope this
    helps. Thanks for posting about this on fb. That's Where
    I read it :) thanks, Becca

  4. First off, I love your designs and agree with the above ideas - especially about Facebook. When it comes to FB I have the following suggestions:

    - post more often, especially pictures of your designs so people will see and want to buy right then!
    - don't post where it links back to etsy (some of yours do, some don't)
    - focus on increasing FB friends/liks instead of blog traffic/followers
    - offer FB flash sales, special codes, etc...
    - do giveaways where people post pics of projects using your designs, and whoever gets the most likes "wins" (people will re-post links to your FB asking their friends for likes)
    - in your posts, tell people why they should buy directly from your site (ie direct downloads, special prices, etc... as already mentioned)

    Looking forward to seeing your business grow!

    1. I forgot to mention that if posting to FB more often seems too overwhelming right now, there are ways to have your blog entries directly post to your FB page.

  5. Thanks for the site! Excited for the thankful banner!

  6. I hope I'm not offending you buy doing this so late, I just wanted to offer some advice that would help me and maybe some others. I love your digital papers, but I'm at a loss with what to do with them (I guess my creativity is stunted or something). It is obvious with the banners you just print, cut and hang...but perhaps, you could create some items with your papers and make a blog post about those. Or if your customers have used them, pictures of how they incorporated your papers into their own designs.

    Are these digital designs specifically to use on blogs, or are they ok for scrapbooking and other crafts?

    Thanks so much for creating these, they are awesome!


    1. Ashley,
      Thanks for the comments! I DO need to get stuff up with ideas huh? I honestly haven't scrapped for myself for over a year! :( I do make crafts with my papers and stuff though.
      The papers can be used for blogs, digital scrapbooking, regular scrapbooking, crafts, you name it. It is so versatile. I love digital!!!
      It is now on my list to do something about the lack of examples so hopefully within a few weeks you'll get some answers and ideas. :)